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Jenzen Membership

Get started today! You understand the benefits of massage. You feel better. Balanced. You are a regular receiver of massage or want to make the decision to do so. 

Take advantage of special pricing with Jenzen membership. Pick your number. Are you a 60 or a 180? Those are the minutes of massage you receive each month. Pay a special rate of $1 a minute as a JENZEN member and enjoy regular massage plus other perks and discounts. 

Save even more when you select 180 minutes or more each month.  You pick the number of minutes of massage per month that seems right to you. Those minutes go in your bank. You can use it up each month, roll it over for the future, schedule yourself extra long sessions or try a different massage style. To join you will authorize a monthly deduction for your membership level. As a Jenzen member you are also able to apply your special pricing for any additional sessions, gift certificates and will also receive extra perks. Standard membership is ongoing. You can cancel at anytime with 30 days notice. Minutes are transferable.  Automatic bank deductions not your thing? Prepay for 3 months or 6 months. This also makes a great gift. Taking time out for ourselves, to refresh, to rejuvenate is important. You should be at the top of your priority list. Sign up today to experience Jenzen. Email right now to get more details. Minutes are good for the core massage services. Therapeutic, deep tissue or hot stone services are available for 15 extra dollars or minutes per session. (You may apply minutes or pay the $15 surcharge at the session.) The Details:

Core massage - Swedish relaxation, reiki or shiatsu 

60 minute = $60

75 minute = $75

90 minute = $90

120 minute - $120

Don't see your magic number listed. That's okay. Customize your minutes for what's right for you.

More minutes. More savings. Any amount over 180 a month qualifies for extra savings.

180 minute = $170

240 minute = $230

Per session upgrade options:

Hot stone - add $15

Deep tissue/therapeutic - add $15

Cupping - add $15

Upgrade payment due at time of service or you may apply minutes. 

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