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 jenzen LMT


Swedish massage is known for its lighter touch. Hypoallergenic oil or lotion is used with long, flowing strokes and a variety of other movements to manipulate the body’s soft tissues. Pressure is dictated by the client. Your comfort is key.

I incorporate aspects of Myofascial Release and acupressure in all my Swedish work. 


Good for the mind and spirit:


Relaxation: While this type of therapy is great in order to loosen and calm a tired and aching body, it is also ideal for achieving deep relaxation and easing mental tension. My goal is to provide YOU a sense of balance. A chance to mentally catch up.

Therapeutic: If you're looking for a bit more... Or you have a specific area that is bothering you... Then this is it. After a brief intake and evaluation we will develop a plan to address specific areas of tension or discomfort.  Each session is customized to your needs. 


Studies indicate that Swedish relaxation techniques can be beneficial for those who suffer from stress-related or aggravated conditions including:


  • Insomnia

  • Digestive problems

  • Chronic pain

  • Anxiety

  • Depression




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